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Mini Vow Booklet

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Mini Vow Booklet. Printed on Handmade Paper with Wax Seal. 

Perfect for writing your vows to your bride/groom. 


* 1 Mini Vow Book
* Dimensions: Approx. 3.1875 x 4.375 (please note, that because paper is handmade - sizing will vary as all sheets are not the same size)

* Handmade Paper |  100% Cotton

* Saddle Stitched using Rose Gold Staples

* Wax Seal Stamped (please note on the white wax seal, there is some hints of gold mixed in)

* Blank Interior Pages

* Supports most media like watercolors, ink, paint, and pencil. Recommended Pens: Gel Liners, Sharpie and Rollerballs filled with ink. (We don’t recommend using a ballpoint because the ink would bleed into the paper)

*Company Logo printed on back
* Made in USA

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** Colors may appear different on screen